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Football Tax Credit

Parents AND friends can support our Basha Bears Football program with tax deductions that DIRECTLY benefit the program and athletes. With a big season ahead hat includes out of state travel, this becomes even more important this year.

"The Arizona Tax Credit Program (ARS 43-1089 .01) allows taxpayers to donate to a school of their choice in support of extracurricular programs and receive their entire donation back in the form of a tax credit."

The eligible amounts are $200 for Single Person/$400 for Married Persons Filed Jointly

The Arizona State Tax Credit for Public Education really is almost too good to be true. Any individual or family can donate up to $400 and receive EVERY SINGLE PENNY BACK when they file their return with the state. That's whether they have money coming back to them, or if they owe the state money. They can reduce the debt or they can increase the refund."

If you have additional tax questions, please consult your tax professional.

There are two ways to donate:


  1. Go here to access the CUSD Tax Credit Website
  2. Click: "Tax Credit Donations - Parents/Guardians" (purple box)
  3. Sign into your Infinite Campus Parent Portal Account
  4. Click: "More" (bottom left)
  5. Click: "InTouch Fee Payments"
  6. Select Student's Name. Under Shop - Click: "Items at Student's School"
  8. Make sure to enter Basha High School Football Donations (enter amount, either $200 or $400)
  9. Checkout

Online Steps for Friends/Family:

  • Go here to access the CUSD Tax Credit Website
  • Click: "Tax Credit Donations - Community Members" (blue box)
  • Select "Basha High School"
  • Item - Select "Football"
  • Input Student's Name (if you have the ID that is helpful)
  • Input the Amount desired to be donated
  • Checkout

Mail In Steps:

  • Download and print the attached form
  • Fill in your information (we highlighted the areas for you)
  • Write a check payable to "Chandler Unified School District"
  • Mail to "C/O Tax Credits; 1525 W. Frye Road; Chandler, AZ 85224"