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Please take a moment to consider becoming a 2022 Basha Bears Football Corporate Sponsor! 

Basha’s Head Football Coach, Chris McDonald and his staff, have elevated the Basha Bears to one of the top football programs in the state, which culminated in the school’s first appearance in the Arizona Open Division Playoffs last season. This year, the team looks to improve upon their performance on the field by playing one of the country’s top schools from California during Labor Day Weekend, and are positioned to battle it out in Arizona’s Premier Region.

As you might imagine, to help the players compete at the highest level on the field and create tremendous experiences for them off the field, a significant amount of funding is required. Further, we recognize the connection that needs to occur between a high school football program and the community and want to do everything we can to encourage patronage to your business. We hope you will consider partnering with the 2022 Basha Bears Football Program. There are a wide variety of packages available that are designed to showcase your business to the loyal Basha Bears community. 

With your support, we know this will be our best year ever! Our Time Is Now!!!


Please take a moment to consider becoming a 2022 Basha Bears Family Sponsor!

Being a Bears Family Sponsor means you are helping support not only your player, but the team as a whole. As you know, any top tier program requires a lot of funding. As Coach Chris McDonald and his staff continue to grow and improve our football program, we have been presented with new opportunities for our players, including playing one of the top tier programs in the state of California, which require funding in order for them to become reality. In addition to travel, we rely on funding to provide our players with items such as meals, protein shakes, re-hydration, gear, and equipment. Further, we enhance their experience by supporting off-season events such as 7s and Big Man tournaments, team bonding experiences, and transportation for summer camp, along with the tools our players need to succeed on the field including game day films. Finally, we create key events to bring the entire Basha football community together, including our Spring BBQ, Golf Tournament and End of Season Banquets. As you can imagine, the volunteer hours and money to make all of this happen is significant. If you are able to, we hope you will join us in supporting the 2022 Basha Bears as we build upon the tremendous success achieved last season at all three levels by supporting the team financially and/or through volunteering.